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Media Announcement: The Green Economy is live

Season 1 of our TV show The Green Economy is now available for viewing.
Media Announcement:  The Green Economy is live

Season 1 of our TV show The Green Economy is now available for viewing.

Since our partnership with Import Export TV began, we have had lots of amazing opportunities to speak with incredible guests across the Sustainability industry.

With the completion of our first season, our guests have had the opportunity to promote their services to a global audience.

You can view our first season here

Episode 1: The New Clothing Trade featured three exciting guests

  • Filip Westerlund from Our Choice Fashion - The last pair of sneakers you will never need to buy. 100% plastic free, and the first certified circular sneaker.

  • Alison Jose from The Circular Centre - Alison explored the end of life journey for your textiles. The Circular Centre is an innovative textile recycling centre in the heart of New South Wales, bringing new life to your old garments.

  • Chris Doolan from Proskill Australia - The latest in long lasting sustainable workwear for the heavy industries.  Enabling business to buy clothing once every 10 years, instead of every year.

Episode 2: The Future of Food showcased the latest in Australian food systems

  • Founders Catherine and Aniyo of Good Edi - The coffee up you can eat. On a mission to tackle single use plastic cups, they created a cup you can eat after you've finished your morning drink.

  • Abhishek and Natalia from Cyrcle - Redefining the way your groceries are delivered. Plastic free food delivery is the future of global food commerce. Cyrcle deliver sustainably sourced food to your door in glass jars, jars which are returned upon your next delivery and reused within the company.

  • Rohan Dinn and Jason Hoen from Green Eco Technologies - The future of food waste management. Food doesn't need to be wasted, in fact with a little help from the team at Green Eco Technologies, food can be reused to grow your next meal.

Episode 3: A Zero Waste World featuring the products and programs enabling our transition to zero waste.

  • Josh Howard from Single Use Ain't Sexy - One of the leading names in Australian sustainability. They have developed an innovated handwash system for the new age.

  • Frankie Layton from The Dirt Company - The latest in sustainable laundry systems. Their return system ensures that no laundry detergent packaging is sent to landfill.

  • James Forbes and Ben Howes from The Jane Goodall Institute Australia - Programs empowering a zero waste lifestyle. They have developed a series of programs from children and young adults, giving them the education needed to thrive in today's Green Economy.

Episode 4: Revolutionary Materials introduces two exciting new materials alternatives into today's markets.

  • Fionnuala Quin from Kelpy - The latest in seaweed innovation. Kelpy is at the forefront of the global seaweed industry, bringing in technologies and solutions from all over the world.

  • Amanda Morgan from Fungi Solutions - A polystyrene replacement taking on the world. Amanda and her team have created the best material for a wide range of solutions, while tackling the problem of single use packaging.

A very exciting first season, with some incredible guests!

Stay tuned for season 2, where we will be exploring energy, agriculture, transport, and more!

Evannah Jayne

Evannah Jayne

Founder & CEO

A passion for sustainability and a desire to change the world, Evannah seeks to raise awareness of the important issues surrounding our planet today.


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