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Connecting you with eco-friendly solutions.

Connecting you with eco-friendly solutions

Want to go Green but don't know where to start? At Terran Industries, we use our technology to match your business with the sustainable solutions you need today. The services we provide include:

Sustainable alternatives

There are sustainable alternatives to hundreds of everyday items we all use in our work life every day. We will help you find the right sustainable alternatives for your business operations.

Recyclers and excess materials

Sourcing affordable and reliable recyclers for multiple material streams adapted to your companies needs. If your company produce excess material that you don't use, we'll find someone who can.

Green Energy solutions

With so many clean energy options available these days, how do you know what to choose? We help you find the right clean energy solutions for your business.

Recycled and sustainably sourced materials

If your company is seeking to make a product out of recycled material, we can source your supplier. If you after a specific material for your company, we'll do our best to sustainably source it for you.

Net Zero solutions and sustainable technologies

Helping your business reduce it’s environmental footprint, and sustainably reach Net Zero. There are technology solutions for everything these days. Sustainability is no different. We fit you with the sustainable tech solutions you need today.

Sustainability experts

Upskill your workforce today with talks and presentations from expert speakers in sustainability, circular economy, environmental science, green energy, net zero, sustainable technologies, and more.

On a mission to provide alternatives to single-use items

A sustainable world is everyone's responsibility. We will achieve this when we all work together.

Evannah Jayne, Founder & CEO at Terran Industries

On a mission to provide alternatives to single-use items

Many cities across the globe are implementing bans on single use plastics, and the rest will soon follow. But it's more than plastics that are causing our world harm. Through our services we can help you find sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to many single use items.

Did you know there are sustainable alternatives to most single use items currently used across the world? Categories include: fast fashion, beauty products, kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, construction materials, wholesale materials, house and office furniture, garden and gardening supplies, work wear and uniforms, office stationary and other office supplies, fast food single use containers and food storage options.

As your eco-friendly service provider, we can also help you source specific materials recycling streams dedicated to your business needs.

Helping businesses recycle

Did you know that almost everything can be recycled these days? Instead of throwing rubbish into landfill, we can match your business with a local recycler that fits your specific waste needs.

There are options other than recycling too. What you consider to be excess material waste, may in fact be very useful to someone else. If you have excess of a particular material, we can source someone who can use it. If you are in need of a particular material, we can source it from someone else's waste stream.

We call this a circular economy. Everything can be repurposed if you know where to look.

Helping businesses recycle
Providing sustainably sourced materials

88% of consumers want businesses to help them live sustainably.


Providing sustainably sourced materials

We make your next product one 100% of consumers will buy!

We sustainably source the new materials needed for your new product. Whether is from recycled materials or raw materials sustainably sourced, your new product will be appealing to all consumers.

At the forefront of sustainable technologies

Technology is part of today's world, so let’s use it for good!

There are technology solutions available to help you track and manage your sustainable output. Simple solutions include software to track your emissions output and manage your carbon footprint.

Additionally, AI can track and measure your waste produced. If it gets measured, it gets managed.

Simple solutions like these can save you time and money. We set up your business with the technology solutions you need today.

At the forefront of sustainable technologies
Reducing your carbon footprint
Terran Industries - Sustainable and eco-friendly products and services

Reducing your carbon footprint

Not every industry can be 100% sustainable (yet), so that's where carbon offsetting comes in!

By managing and reducing the emissions you can control and offsetting the ones you can't, you can become a sustainably champion.

Carbon offsetting schemes operate in many ways, the most common include planting trees for every client transaction. Or one tree per employee per month. Some salvage plastic and other waste from the ocean, one kilo for every client is a common example. There are many possibilities and options are very customisable to your business.

Speeding up the clean energy revolution

From energy-saving technologies to solar panels, businesses can save money and make a difference in the fight against global warming. With the worlds eyes on Net Zero goals, now is the time to take a stand and make the switch to renewable energy.

Solar is the obvious choice, with many different options available depending on your needs. There is a solar solution for every building. Energy saving software, technologies and other solutions are an easy addition to any business to reduce your emissions output.

Now is the time to switch.

Speeding up the clean energy revolution
Improving sustainability awareness
Terran Industries - Sustainable and eco-friendly products and services

Improving sustainability awareness

Are you looking to improve your company’s awareness of sustainability? We can source an expert speaker to talk to your company, at your event, or campus.

There are many fields of sustainability to learn about, including resource recovery, environmental sustainability, circular economy, doughnut economics, wildlife conservation, restoring and protecting our natural world, nature-based solutions, climate change, and many more.

Let us know what you want to learn more about, and we will source an expert for you.

Coming soon: Beach Clean-Up Event

An enormous amount of plastic enters the ocean harming marine eco-system. Join us in taking direct action towards this rising problem by removing trash from Melbourne beaches.

Our beach clean-up events are inclusive, family-fiendly and free to join. Become a part of the change our environment and local communities need today.

Due to the COVID-19 unknowns, we're going to announce a date for this event soon. Stay tuned.
Beach Clean-Up Event

The global stage is shiftingto a sustainable model

Let us help you unleash your sustainable business potential.

Terran Industries - Sustainable and eco-friendly products and services

Let's work together

If you're looking for sustainable alternatives to your current single use items, we would love to chat with you!

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