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How To Start Your Sustainability Journey

The first thing you need to realise is that sustainability is easy. It’s really easy. It’s just a question of breaking it down into manageable steps.
How To Start Your Sustainability Journey

If you want to be more sustainable, you must make a change.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

The first thing you need to realise is that sustainability is easy. It’s really easy. It’s just a question of breaking it down into manageable steps. There are a number of great resources out there to help you make the changes that you need to make.

We often talk about Sustainability as a journey. But where should you start?

We like to say "Sustainability is like climbing a ladder, one step at a time."

Why?  Because reaching 100% Sustainability doesn't happen over night.

The best way to start is to look at the small things first.  What little actions you can take today that will make a significant impact.

Small actions like:

  • Swapping to eco-friendly cleaning supplies

  • Switching to bamboo toilet paper, tissues & paper towels

  • Using an app to track your sustainability steps and set your targets

  • Sign up to a renewable energy provider

  • Use a reusable cup for your morning coffee

It is often the small little steps like these which make the lasting impacts.

Once you have started taking the easy steps, the larger projects don't seem as daunting.

Larger changes should be implemented over achievable timelines. Setting too short a timeframe will hinder the project's success, rather it would be best to set a timeline of a few weeks per initiative. Implementing the larger projects one or two at a time will also allow for greater success. If you attempt to change everything all at once, nothing will get done.  Instead pick one or two at a time, and focus on those until completion, before starting a new one.

This is especially applicable in the workplace as focusing on only these initiatives at the one time, will give your workforce time to adapt to the new solution. This will also allow the relevant workers to be trained.

One common objection we often hear is "the technology is not ready yet".  Well, we have news for you, it is. The technology we need to fight the climate crisis has already been developed.

Let me ask you something, do you have a mobile phone?  Of course you do. The technology for efficient and effective mobile phones is in the palm of your hand right now.  You wouldn't simply not use a mobile phone today because you know there's going to be another more effective model coming out the following year, would you?  Of course not. You use the technology that exists today, and when more effective technology becomes available, you upgrade. 

It's the same principle as Sustainability technology.  For example, the solar panels we have today are already extremely effective, yet scientists are still working on improving them for the future. And when those solar panels are significantly more effective than the ones you have currently installed, you will upgrade them.  Simple.

The same can be said for a multitude of other Sustainability and climate related technology.  Experts are always inventing new solutions, but that doesn't mean we can't use what's available to us today.

The important thing to remember when upgrading technology of any sort, is to effectively use the materials of the old device. To many this concept is known as 'recycling'. Recycling is just the start of the resource recovery process.  All material assets will have a new life, whether it's being used in a similar device, or something completely different.  This is what we call 'Circular Economy'. Every material asset will have a new life in some new product or solution.  To learn more about Circular Economy, you can read our earlier article here.

In conclusion, the most important thing to do is start your sustainability journey.

By starting today, your task will be smaller by tomorrow. 

To reach the top of the sustainability ladder you need to start climbing.

You can reach the top sooner than you think.

"When people think about travelling to the past, they worry about accidentally changing the present, but no one in the present really thinks they can radically change the future" - Unknown

By starting with those small steps, and working together to achieve them, everyone has the chance to make a difference in the global sustainable future.

Evannah Jayne

Evannah Jayne

Founder & CEO

A passion for sustainability and a desire to change the world, Evannah seeks to raise awareness of the important issues surrounding our planet today.


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